Book #3 Saints At The River by Ron Rash

Another cheery topic for 2006! A twelve year old girl drowns in the only free river left in South Carolina. (Free meaning that federal law protects it and keeps anything being done to it.) Her body is trapped, and they can’t recover it so after five weeks her parents demand to construct a temporary dam so divers can reach the body. Only, that would be against federal law. Thus, the crux.

I never knew how fun saying, “Thus, the crux” would be.

But I digress.

The story is told through the point of a photographer who is covering the story for a paper from a larger city several hours away. However, she grew up in the area and knows everyone involved with the exception of the deceased girl’s family because they were on vacation at the time.

Rash is quite talented at capturing what it’s like to be from a place and love it so much, yet feel the need to escape it as well. Then, dealing with the reconcilation between loving it and wanting to run away from it at the same time. Not that I know anything about that. Not at all.

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