Book#4 Gods In Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson

I was flipping through a Book Sense picks pamphlet when I came across the review of this book. It read,”I loved Arlene, who was funny yet dark, bargaining with God that she will not have sex, tell a lie, or return to her small hometown, just as long as God keeps anyone from finding the body she left buried in the kudzu.” Normally, this would have never piqued my interest except for that I had seen the book on my dad’s staff recommendation shelf. This didn’t exactly scream “father” read so I picked it up to flip through and ended up devouring it.

It was a hilarious incredibly light read. Not my general fare but definitely something I could recommend to customers, especially when it comes out in paperback. Also it will provide me many a giggle to come as I envision my dad reading a book with a quirky southern woman named Arlene as the protagonist. Oh Captain Squawk, how the might have fallen.

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