*insert something clever here* (ok, that goes for the entire entry)

BILWWNLM: James Joyce said that what he really wanted were readers willing to devote their entire lives to the reading of his works.

Me: I’d really like readers who are willing to give me the money earned from devoting their entire lives to working.

Seriously though, at first I thought that all writers would want readers who could do nothing more than fawn over their works but then

I began to think of what life would be like if you spent your entire life just reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. If the Devil ever needs

any ideas for hell, I’m here for him.

So JR Tolkien might be dead but his dark eyed dwarven creatures from the underground still brave the light of day to venture into my

bookshop to torture me. On Monday, one of the little trolls with cavernous eyes shuffled up to me and said (after procuring a GED study guide), “I’m looking for an Oprah bookclub book. I don’t know the name or author but it has to do with a main character who is abused.” Rather than banging my head repeatedly against the service desk, I went over to the section, went through each title with her and gave a short description of each of the plots only for her to end up buying THE PILOT’S WIFE. That’s when I banged my head repeatedly.

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