Llew Takes Manhattan

Today I felt like I was in a video on MTV. I was on the corner of 45th and 10th and a “lady” comes walking across the street in a string bikini and stilleto heels. There was a boy standing a block behind (always behind for obvious reasons) ogling and making gestures. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I imagine it was something like, “baby *mumble mumble bleep* please, baby.” It was classic.

Do you know how sometimes it doesn’t matter what it is but ever single thing seems to irritate you beyond control? That happens to me a lot but here it’s the exact opposite. No matter what happens I’m completely happy about it. (I’m not doing it on purpose – promise.) Plus, the things I was most worried about turned out to be great. I have to drive into the city which I’m apprehensive about but I get a few minutes into it and realize that I find it FUN. It’s like a video game with all the dodging of cabs and then EXTRA POINTS for missing the swinging cranes randomly in the middle of the street. My roommate (who I’ve never met before) is now my

BOOKSTORE GODDESS. She’s this incredibly feisty independent older lady who amuses me to no end. Of course, this might be because I haven’t talked to her but a few minutes last night. I was hoping I would go the entire weekend and not actually speak to her because we kept missing each other. I thought it would be cool to say I roomed with a stranger in NYC once who I actually never talked to the entire time I was there.

Op, time is up on this computer and I haven’t posted anything about the national booksellers convention which is the entire reason I am in NYC. It’s great and Laurel rules my world (even if she works on the “other side.” I can’t think of anyone else I’d want to be at the show with – she is wonderful! Plus, all you have to do is throw a little holy water on her and she stops channeling those DK demons.

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