IndieBound Info

Recently, on my reviews when the book is one featured on IndieBound’s Indie Next list I’ve been putting the accompanied bookseller quote as an introduction to my own thoughts.

I thought I should provide some more information about IndieBound since it’s an organization which I’m proud to be a part of. So here’s some wise words skanked from their website:

“IndieBound is a socially-conscious movement in support of independent businesses and shopping locally, starting with indie bookstores. It’s about raising awareness, it’s about reaching out, and it’s about taking pride in your community.

An independent bookstore is a place that offers you a unique shopping experience when you’re looking to find just the right book for yourself or to buy a special gift for a family member or friend. Whether it’s on a door or window or web site, the IndieBound logo suggests a shopping environment that reflects the personality of the people who work there. At a bookstore with IndieBound, you can expect to find a sales staff with a passion for books and bookselling, and with this passion comes a commitment to helping readers like you find what they need.

For the location of the bookstore with IndieBound nearest you, call 1-888-266-5736, go the website or look for the IndieBound logo when shopping in town or online. When you shop with IndieBound, you’re supporting a locally-owned store with a commitment to your community, and you’re being served by a sales staff with the character to recommend the best in literature rather than a bestseller.”

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