About This Site

Hello! My name is Laura, and this blog started when I did the 52 Book project wherein the goal was to read a book each week for an entire year. I was never that consistent, but I did end up with a little more than 52 books read by the end. That was several years ago, and I have found that even though I can't always think of something original or even worthwhile to comment about each book I've read that I truly appreciate this record. When I don't have much to say, I don't force it so sometimes there will just be the cover of the book. If the story didn't inspire me enough to come up with a sentence about it, I don't spend time feeling guilty about it.

Sometimes (see: summer of 2008) I get a little sidetracked by life or embarrassed by my reading content (see: teenage vampire fiction) to update regularly. However, that's more of the exception than the rule. More or less this is a true record of what I read – the good, the bad, and the speculative fiction.

I keep this more for personal purposes, and realize that I don't have very many regular readers (which may have to do with the sporadic and quite irregular updates). I've run a little bookshop for almost a decade now, and many of the books I read are specifically because of my job. They might not interest me personally, but I feel the need to read them so I can recommend and discuss them to others. You'll often see me state this as a way to explain why I'm reading a book that I would normally be too mortified by or bored with to ever pick up (see: not necessarily teenage vampire fiction.)

And in regard's the the website's design and header: Yes, sometimes I show my bum on this blog. For, you know, the kids.

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