I See You Everywhere by Julia Glass

Preparing For Christmas Season In The Harried Book World: Book #16

“Louisa — solid, steady, dependable. Clem — younger, rebellious, daring, and the favorite. This is a story, told over 25 years, of two sisters — opposite as night and day, oil and water, yin and yang — and how they remain connected. In my opinion, this is Julia Glass’ best book yet!” Indie Bound’s Indie Next List November, 2008

No, no, no, no. This book switches back and forth between sisters. One chapter will be by Louisa, the next is from Clem’s point of view. Then, back to Louisa. This is fine, except that the author then acts as if the reader has mental deficiencies and over-explains things that were just detailed in the previous chapter. Gah!

Glass and her editors had to purposefully choose this style and I just don’t know why. Why do you act as if your readers are stupid? Why are you explaining that X is your sister’s zen ex-boyfriend when we just spent the previous chapter with him as a main feature character?

This book showed real promise with a fantastic beginning, and I thought I was going to adore it. Thus, I feel doubly disappointed that by the middle I was rather annoyed by it all.

I don’t care how close it is to Christmas – my next three books are all going to be young adult titles. I’m burned out on these sad soul sucking novels. Yes, Songs For The Missing, I’m looking at you.

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