Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar

“When a pair of fugitive Scottish thistle fairies end up transplanted to Manhattan by mistake, both the Big Apple and the Little People have a lot of adjusting to do. Heather and Morag just want to start the first radical fairy punk rock band, but first they’ll have make a match between two highly unlikely sweethearts, start a street brawl between rival gangs of Italian, Chinese, and African fairies, help the ghost of a dead rocker track down his lost guitar, reclaim a rare triple-bloomed Welsh poppy from a bag lady with delusions of grandeur, disrupt a local community performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ and somehow manage to stay sober enough to save all of New York from an invasion of evil Cornish fairies.”

I read this one earlier this year, but I guess I forgot to write it about it on this blog which is a shame. This is a hilarious completely irreverent story that I adored. Thanks to Sean for recommending it to me (or at least mentioning it where I could overhear it which is about the same as recommending a book to me.)

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  1. Sean Says:

    You are so very, very welcome. Yay for Frank Millar! And yay for fairy vomit, which is no doubt sweet-smelling to humans!

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