Due to being covered in hives, I’ve been trying every which way to escape from real life. So far my best bet has been urban fantasy in the young adult section.

Tithe = OK

Wicked Lovely = Pretty good!

Vampire Kisses series (I read the first three out of the four) = SO BAD. So bad it’s not even good!

I liked Sedia so much that I’ve ordered two other titles by her but they haven’t come in yet. I also have a couple of Charles De Lint titles on order as well. I’m pacing as I wait and welcome any suggestions for light reading in that genre. It doesn’t necessarily have to be young adult oriented.

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  1. pizzocalabro Says:

    I picked up Wicked, Lovely based on a fellow librarian’s review (5 stars out of 5!!!!!) but I barely made it through the first chapter before I flung it down in disgust. It just seemed to wallow in all of the tropes of the urban elf genre, and I started having flashbacks to my best-forgotten Mercedes-Lackey phase.

    So, was my first impression wrong? Should I reconsider and give it a second chance?

  2. Miss Laura Says:

    I HAD A MERCEDES LACKEY PHASE TOO! I shouldn’t admit that should I? It was when I was young and foolish and had a high tolerance for sappy fantasy.

    Um, I probably wouldn’t say for you to give it a second chance. I liked it but right now I don’t need something to be good in order to like it – I just need it to be a very easy read. Of course, I don’t recommend it to you (especially if you didn’t like the first chapter) but I’m totally getting “Ink Exchange” when it comes out later in the year.

  3. i i eee Says:

    So sorry to hear the hives have made a vicious return.

    Easy read, easy read…hmmmm….You know, I could use an easy read myself, I’ve been bogged down with heavy texts from school. Although I have made a return to The Walking Dead comic -certainly an easy read. But I can’t remember if you happen to have a fondness for zombies or not. And, being that the series is still going on…it’s always dropping you another cliffhanger, and you have to wait for the next issue to come out. Freak.

    If anything comes to mind I’ll be sure to drop you a line.

  4. April Says:

    Have you read The Society of S yet? It really is good! I just finished re-reading to prepare for the sequel, out on May 6.

    And how about Vampire Academy? I haven’t read it, but the teenage girls love the series!

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