Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Making Money is not a business bible at all but rather a sequel to Pratchett’s “Going Postal” with which it shares these similarities:
*Both were bought in hardback as presents for my lovely boyfriend. He was eyed as he read them and then I nabbed them as soon as he finished. Don’t judge me.
*Both were read while I was home sick. Not that I’m saying you need a fevered mind racked with delusion to relate to any of Pratchett’s main characters, but it helps.
*Both were fantastic light reads and had me chuckling throughout, even though I was in a sick bed.

When Pratchett first announced that he had early onset Alzheimers, I discussed with a friend who is also a fan of his. She commented something like, “Not to be cold-hearted but why couldn’t it have happened to someone else oh say Nicolas Sparks?” To which I thought, “By reading the plot summaries on the back of Sparks books one might assume that it has already happened to him as well.” Read one of his books and I’m pretty sure you’ve read them all.

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