Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

goosegirl.jpgStephenie Meyer (of Twilight fame) is the one who recommended this to me. In fact, I have found that I quite enjoy her YA suggestions – almost more than I enjoy her actual novels. Don’t tell her that though – I’d hate to ruin my chances with Edward. I can’t take that Bella girl DOWN – I just know it.

Back to Goose Girl – a good read! A slow start but with a nice fairy tale pace which made it all worthwhile.

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  1. RC Cola! Says:

    Funny thing -I just read “Twilight” not too long ago, and um well…it was okay, but I didn’t think it was that great. I’m still trying to decide if i really want to bother reading the next in the series. I plan on eventually blogging about the all books I’ve read recently and was going to include that one.

    Edward is a hottie though.

    I really enjoyed “Twisted” by the YA author who wrote “Speak.”

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