Book #48 New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

When I saw Mrs. Meyer’s name on the SIBA’s front page as one of the many authors who would be in attendance at the South Eastern Booksellers Assosciation’s trade show in Florida in September, I was shaking with glee. I decided that if I was not weighed down by an army of tote bags filled with freebies I had swiped from publisher booths, I just might swan dive down the waiting line to land (gracefully) on the autograph table in front of her. I wondered if she’d sign my neck. It would only be fitting.

Then, she informed me that SIBA’s website was WRONG, and she would not be there this year. The SADNESS.

Thus, the only way I could alleviate the pain was to read her latest offering, New Moon, which is a sequel to her first novel, Twilight. Ben asked me what my book was about and when I mumbled, “Vampires” he started laughing at me. His laughter got louder as I corrected myself with, “Actually, it’s about Werewolves AND Vampires.” We all need to diversify ourselves a little bit, yes?

These are clean yet spicy with action young adult novels written by a woman who attended the same university I did who I kind of sort of know from a message board we both visit. I would highly recommend them to the age group they’re intended for, and have been a little sad that I haven’t been able to handsell more at my shop. (Although they have been doing pretty well – just not as well as I’d like.)

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