Book #26 The Coma By Alex Garland

As if I could pass up a book which Kristen said this about:

“Reminded me of Dostoevsky ‘Notes from the Underground.’ The basis of the story is that there is a man who is in a coma and he’s trying to come out of it. Very surreal, existential kind of book.”

Having been underwhelmed by Garland’s “The Beach”, I would have never given him a second chance if it had not been for Kristen’s review. However, Notes From The Underground is one of my favorites so there’s no way I couldn’t take the bait.

There’s not too much for me to add except for that each chapter of the book begins with a black and white illustration (done by Nicholas Garland) which is so dark that a faint version of it can be seen through the page which has it ending each chapter as well. It added to the strangeness of the story, and was excellently executed. The story was quite unsettling, yet once I started it I couldn’t put it down even though I had picked it up with only the intention of skimming it for a second.

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