Book #24 The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

I’m sure you will be completely shocked to discover that the Manchester, New Hampshire airport does not have a wealth of reading material in their bookshop. However after finding myself stuck for five hours because of flight delays, I was a little desperate myself. It was between The Kite Runner and a Lavryle Spencer slice. I took The Kite Runner and scampered before anyone could rip it from my grubby hands and I was forced into a conversation with the middle-aged man wearing the “I’m Huge In Japan” t-shirt who was sitting beside me.

It focuses on, Amir, a young awkward bookish wealthy(ish) boy in Afghanistan who yearns for the affection of his athletic socially celebrated single father and who mistreats his loyal heartbreakingly sincere best friend who Amir can never consider a friend due to social classes and standing. Eventually, he drives the best friend away through an act of childhood cowardness and moves to America with his father before the Russians descend upon his country. When he returns, after Russia has been replaced with the evil Taliban, he finds not only his childhood home but all of the main characters from his childhood destroyed.

Basically, it’s a middle eastern male soap opera that tugs at your heart strings like nothing else. All it’s missing is Susan Lucci in a burka shaking her fist at a closed door saying, “You will be mine, Amir! You will be mine!”

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