Book #20 An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Several of weeks ago, John Green requested to be my friend on My Space. I was quite excited because I loved his, “Looking For Alaska.” I was even more excited when I looked at his profile and discovered that:

1. He is my age. There’s nothing worse than someone being successful and much younger than me. It just makes me hate those talented bastards.

2. He isn’t an uggo. I can’t have an author-crush who makes me want to gouge out my eyes now can I?

3. He has a new book coming out in October!

The next day at work I called to get an Advance Reader’s Copy which I had finished reading the same day I received it in the mail. At first, I was really worried that it wouldn’t compare to his first. It starts with a recent high school graduate who has just been dumped by his girlfriend of about a year. She was also the nineteenth girl named Katherine who he had dated, all who had ended things with him. To distract him from his nauseating pining his best friend, the standard hilarious overweight foreign kid, decides they should go on a roadtrip which eventually leads them to Gutshot, Tennessee.

Overall, it’s a highly amusing teen book and had me in stitches. It’s no great work of literature, nor is it as emotionally strong as “Looking For Alaska.” But it’s no disappointment as far as being a good light hearted young adult read either.

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