Book #48 Widow Of The South By Robert Hicks

Me: Are you looking at porn?
Katy: Yeah, Laura, I’m looking at naked pictures of Robert E. Lee
Me: Well, his horse was named Traveler.

The above is why I should never be allowed to write a novel on the Civil War. Thankfully, Mr. Hicks has more restraint than I do.

I didn’t realize until I had almost finished that it is based on a true story, or rather a real person. Carrie McGavock who lived in the almost minute Franklin, Tennessee where what many consider to be the bloodiest five hours of the Civil War were spent in an awful battle. Not only did she allow her house to be turned into a hospital where she tended to the injured, but after the battle she negotiated a created a resting place for approximately 1,500 dead soldiers. Hicks created this wonderful story around McGavock which translated into an enjoyable read even for a girl who isn’t entirely fond of the Civil War fiction genre. No matter how many generals had horses with frisky names.

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