Book #33 My Friend Leonard by James Frey

I picked up a copy of “My Friend Leonard” in eager hopes that it would be very reminiscent of the wonder that is Frey’s first novel, “A Million Little Pieces.” It was so endearing in its unorthdox style with its raw characters. Sure, it was fouler than the bathroom at the 40 watt but, overall, it was lovely.

I was a little disappointed in Frey’s follow-up novel which continues his story of after he leaves rehab and deepens his relationship with, Leonard, a mobster who has also kicked his drug habit while at the center. It just isn’t anywhere near as gripping, or as emotional. It is still told in the same manner, and I did have trouble putting it down. However, if I had never read his first work, I doubt I would have really felt any need to finish the second. Yet, when I think about it in conjuction with the first dynamic and enthralling tale, I definitely see it as worth the read, especially if you like detailed and lengthy epilogues.

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