Book #27 Brevard by Susan Lefler

The Images of America series has been out for a while. They basically take old pictures of a city/county/college/regional sports events tack on extended captions and call it a book. I haven’t really been interested in too many that I’ve seen because most of them have been South Carolina oriented. However, I am a big sucker for Appalachian culture. In fact, a lot of time I think about going back to school to get a graduate degree only there’s nothing I want to do for the rest of my life. But if I could get a job in something pertaining to Appalachian folklore or culture only if I would only be able to make a very meager living at it I would drop everything for it in a heartbeat, especially if I could work with someone named “Jim Bob”.

Most of this volume contained information I already knew but photos that I quite enjoyed. I finally got to see a picture of the failed steamboat they thought would be able to run up and down the French Broad River – ha! Also, I learned that whenever a tragic calamity happened there was nothing southerners loved more than getting gussied up and posing for the camera in front of it. There were all these pictures of horrible looking train wrecks and here were all these people primly dressed smiling for their posterity. I guess it was the equivalent to my family reunions.

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