Book # 25 All The Blue Moons At The Wallace Motel

I was given this little gem of a ya book by Miss Laurel, and read it on my plane trip back from New York. I have discovered that I CAN read on planes as long as it’s something esy and quick to get into. Otherwise, I get bogged down and start noticing my motion sickness. Like the time I tried to read Slaughterhouse 5 on the plane. Now that was a nightmare.

This little book is about a girl whose father has been brutally murdered in the very large house they live in. After her father’s death, her mother moves her two daughters to another wing of the house while letting the rest of the mansion go untouched until it falls into slight disrepair. The main character wants to be a ballerina, but the family can no longer afford lessons. Yet, she still practices.

It is a young adult novel so there is the requisite punchy younger sibling who is always toeing the lines, and quirky next door neighbor who longs to have a life like they do. All in all it’s a cute story even if a tad predictable.

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