Book #21 The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

On June 14th, Elizabeth Kostova’s book “The Historian” will go on sale, and you (yes, you) should read it. Even if you’re too poor to shell out the $25.95 that it takes to support your local independent bookstore who cultivates literacy while strengthening your community, you should go harass one of those do-gooder librarians for a copy to borrow.

It is one of the most well written captivating books I have read ever with a rich detailing of the history and culture of eastern eurpoe. Sure, when someone asks you what the book is about you’ll have to lower your voice and kind of slur your words so they don’t understand you’re saying “Vampires” but really the novel is a lot more than just that. Plus, it overshadows and completely diverges from any modern vampire tales. Trust me – it’s good.

Also, I hope that I’m the only one who hypes it up because I would be a little crushed if people began to see it as overrated or overdone.

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  1. Jay Says:

    Yeah, someone I work with wouldn’t shut up about it. Therefore: Never Reading It.


    Okay, I’m just kidding.

    About the malice. I’m still not reading it.

    Now the kids won’t shut up about Stephanie Meyer.

    Man, I signed off with “Tale of the Body Thief”.

    Now, back to my Rowling “revising” as the UK kids says. Remember that hidden chamber under the Malfoys’ house? ‘the hell was THAT all about?

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