Book #10 The Temple Of Dawn by Yukio Mishima

It has taken me hours to get this post due to Blogger having problems. Obviously, they knew this book contained HOT GIRL ON GIRL action and bookstore masturbation. Yes, you heard me on the latter. At first I laughed, but on the inside oh how I was crying.

The worst thing about this book is reading it in public. Everyone sees the front of the cover and starts telling me about their Japanese tatoos. Even my DOCTOR joined in on the fun by describing his son’s tattoo which he had done on his lower back so only those he showed it to could see it. Only it’s just a wee bit too high so EVERYONE sees it, and don’t mind me and these hives I’ve had for a year, Doc, because I JUST love hearing about your boys scarification stories.

The first half of this book is pretty dry as it’s all about reincarnation and the different facets of it. However, the second half perks the whole book up with the obsessive thoughts of the narrator. It’s just that classic age old story of falling for a Thai princess who is really the second reincarnation of their childhood best friend… With some lesbian and bookstore masturbation thrown in, that is.

A real heartwarmer to be sure.

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