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A Riot Of Our Own: Night & Day With The Clash

by Johnny Green & Garry Barker


Eureka Street

by Robert McLiam Wilson

It probably has to do with only being able to relate to people through literature but I always try to read at least one book recommended by someone after I become friends with them. Thus, I’ve been reading suggestions from my recent visitors of late – finishing two on this lazy Sunday.

Along with copious amounts of graphic novels, Jayward left me this narrative written by Johnny Green who was a roadie for the Clash. It’s akin to a written version of 24 Hour Party People – including the death of massive amounts of pigeons (evidently pigeon homicide is a hip thing.) Only difference is it ended with a Diana Ross lookalike who was naked under a white fur coat. Actually, this could have also been present in 24 Hour Party People but there were so many other naked girls I just didn’t notice it.

Evidently, Kirkus likes to read books which take place in colder climates than the one where he lives and I suppose this bawdy novel which is set in Ireland qualifes.

My favorite part?

“There was a girl I knew from Century Street. She dumped me just after the first time she kissed me. ‘What could be better than that?’ she said. ‘When will we ever improve on that?’ I didn’t like to admit it but she was right.”

Then again, I do like novels with characters I can relate to and I must confess I’ve done something similiar.

Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” was Greg’s recommendation. Do I look strong enough to lift this tome which is over a 1,000 pages? Maybe I’ll train with the rest of Sarah Cauldwell’s novels until I work up to this.

For now, it’s really hard to even type with a bandaged hand. Such is life when you’re a hopelessly clumsy clod.

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