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Nalda Said

by Stuart David

“Its as if it was written by a 17 year old boy. If I were his English teacher and he handed this into me, he would have gotten a C,” was the only comment I heard about this book before picking it up. It’s a shame that when I do quote my friend from above that is what I use, as she is especially funny. Of course, I say that and at the moment the only other words of hers I can think of is the time we were talking about bikini waxing and she commented on her crazy friend who has a Brazilian done every month. Ouch.

Me: There’s no way I would ever go through that much pain unless a lot of people were going to be regularly seeing that area.

Friend: Like dress down day at the office?


Oh yeah, the book. So a sugary scottish lad gave it to me after spending a self acclaimed eternity trying to find a book I hadn’t read yet. As I have been wanting a copy of it for a while, I was quite happy. (I would have told you the exact time period I’ve been wanting to read it as it’s been since it was published but for some reason the title page has none of the normal information one would find on the back of it, including copyright information. Odd.)

If you’ve ever heard any of Stuart David’s spoken word musical pieces (Impossible Things #2 or Space Boy Dream) then you’re already familiar with the style the story is written in. Almost all the sentence are the same structure and they ramble on for a bit. Then he’ll throw in a short sentence afterwards which is basically a repeat of what he’s just rambled on just to clarify things. Because it was in such a similar style I could almost hear him reading it. It was surprising that I didn’t have to go back and reread paragraphs as I didn’t understand his accent the first time around, heh. I can’t say that I agree with my clever friend as I quite liked the story. Not to say that it was *good* because I really don’t know if it was. It was rather nice to curl up with though.

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