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Recent Read

The Children of Green Knowe

Book 1 in The Green Knowe Chronicles

by L.M Boston

with fantastic new cover art by Brett Helquist

Yesterday evening, I came home from work, put on the Beethoven record which I’ve been obsessing over, and snuggled under the covers with the first book in the Green Knowe Chronicles: The Children of Green Knowe which was rereleased by Harcourt after being out of print for some years. (I believe they were originally released in the 1950s). The new editions have great cover art done by Sir Brett Helquist (the illustrator of the wickedly clever Lemony Snicket series of Unfortunate Events). While there are quaint pencil illustrations in the book they are the original artwork done by the author’s son who grew up in the house rather than Helquist’s handywork. Personally, I would have preferred it to all be done by Helquist but I also would personally perfer he would come to live with me where he would spend the rest of his days happily sketching for me. I am used to disappointment.

Ms Boston was in her early sixties when she began writing the series (which she did just for her own amusement) and it was inspired by a large manor house (the Green Knowe in the story)in England which she spent two years restoring. While I have only read the first of at least five in the series (I do not know if they’re finished releasing them or not but there looks as if there is one left “The Chimneys of Green Knowe” that I can find in the out of print listings but not available with the new coverwork so perhaps it’s to be put out soon. I hope this is the case.), I was ABSOLUTELY ENCHANTED with the first book. The basic story line is that a little boy comes to live with his great great grandmother at Green Knowe. However, he has plenty of playmates – they’ve just all been dead for a few centuries. Yet, it’s whimsical rather than creepy. It’s just one of those completely magical old fashioned childrens fantasy tales which makes you wish you could somehow change lives with the characters. I hope the rest of the series is as good. I am just happy to be *really* excited about a book again. Woo!

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