Weather Is Here – Wish You Were Beautiful

I wish I had a camera with me – not for photographing of celebrities naturally but just so I could take snapshots of all the moments. Instead it looks as if y’all will receive my ink polaroids instead.

#1 There is a new book out with the 3-D googly eyes for all of the characters so the author of these books was doing caricatures where he was putting in googly eyes for each of them. After we passed this booth, we passed the sad sad man who has the

lot in life of dressing up as a purple dinosaur. He was sitting at a table without the head part of his costume on looking down at a cariacture he had done when he was all dressed up. It was great how the real head was missing but with the contrast of

him looking at a hand drawn one… with googly eyes of course.

#2 Laurel and I were trying to skank a couple of free copies of books that the author was signing without getting them autographed so we had cut in line to do it. She asked me if I wanted copies and – half joking – I replied, “Yes, but you’ll have to be DODGY about it.” That’s when a guy from the booth gave me a flat stare, reached over grabbed two copies, and just handed them to us. Classic look.

#3 Laurel laying on the floor with her feet propped up on a table surrounded by boxes as we had just finished unpacking everything in the booksellers mailing room.

#4 Brett Helquist. Brett Helquist. Brett Helquist. For no other reason than to have something to wallpaper my room with.

Other authors we met were Neil Gaiman who has a new “creepy childrens” book entitled Coraline which is coming out. We also grazed passed Joyce Carol Oates. Last year, she was hainting it in this ATROCIOUS pink pants outfit and this year she opted for lavender. Laurel noted that she looked like she had gotten sopping wet and then been hung out to dry. It is a very appropriate

description. She is scary and I’m writing her publisher angry letters if I end up with nightmares. We also saw LL COOL J which Laurel was less than impressed with. Evidently, he’s done some dopey looking childrens book I didn’t feel like waiting in line to get signed or a free copy of. He actually looks REALLY GOOD in glasses but then again the LL is for Ladies Love. I think that would work for my name if the last part could be an afterthought, as in a – oh wait, nevermind. Lads Love… EW!

Last night, a close friend who I hadn’t talked to in well over a year called me on my cell phone. As I didn’t want to interrupt my roommate’s sleep, I ended up standing on the balcony talking on the phone while in my pajamas with the incredibly pleasant night air (opposed to the non-air conditioned room) looking up at the skyline. It was one of the most enjoyable single experiences I’ve had in a really long time, especially as I really loved talking to my friend again. Of course, it was probably one sided as I was just woke up and completely incoherent. In fact, at some point I believe I started singing the old song, “Jump down turn around pick a bale of cotton. Jump down turn around pick a bale a day.”

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