Laurel & Laura Storm The JJC

I hope the world doesn’t ever count on me to create peace or solve hunger problems if I ever come across a lamp on which to make three wishes. Though I suppose I shall feel mild regret as I sit with perfect skin and health until I am distracted my very own chocolate covered boy. I also hope that Laurel doesn’t count on me to stay with her if I happen to lay eyes on Daniel Handler while at the show for I shall have latched myself to his leg quicker than you can yell, “Count Olaf!”.

I was jumping around and dancing on Friday morning because Senor Handler was to sign his new Snicket book at the show in the afternoon. Oh love! We waited in line for an hour (near the front) to only have a large man fearing rioting from the masses

to meekly speak that there was no book nor an author. I stood there stunned for a second before saying, “Someone kidnapped him before we did!” However, we were able to meet Brett Helquist (who does the illustrations for the Series of Unfortunate

Events) and I had an actual conversation with him as we went to the same college (though he graduated two years before I started there). He’s my new literary crush though he’s very married. He has black hair, glasses, and crooked teeth. Very darling boy to crush and I am in love with his illustrations.

My exciting grabs of the show (other than Brett Helquist) are a galley copy of a book out by the author of Freaks & Geeks which I plan to read tonight (so I shall report back faithfully) and a great tote “Welcome Book” back which is gray with an orange elephant.

This afternoon I got on the hotel library to find three teenagers (14-15) staring blankly. I pushed the button for my floor and they gasped, “oh!” They hadn’t realized you had to press the buttons and was wondering why it didn’t work. So, I explained to them what they needed to do (since they were kind of confused and had to switch elevators). It never occured to me that someone wouldn’t know how to work an elevator. It was really cute.

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